Austin Delmond of Atomize Digital - headshot in Milwaukee

Austin Delmond
SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

My name is Austin Delmond, and I love helping passionate businesses do what they love.

For the past 7 years I’ve successfully helped large & small businesses be more effective online. My primary area of expertise is SEO, but I don’t consider myself an SEO specialist – I’m marketing generalist. I love SEO, with its constant changes and complexities – but it will only ever be one piece of the puzzle. Traffic means nothing if it doesn’t convert, and there are too many other factors to ignore (PPC, social media, email, content, CRO, etc.).

I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas (KC suburb), but after going to college in the Twin Cities & living in Milwaukee for 7 years – I tapped my heels and came back home to Kansas. I now live in Lawrence and can’t get over being back in Jayhawk country!

I’ve worked with roofers, martial arts school owners, plastic injection molders, non-profits, lawyers, home builders, police trainers – even a company that makes those immense food packaging machines you see on ‘How It’s Made.’ I’ve never met a business I don’t get interested in, or one where I can’t add value in some way.

Atomize Digital in Lawrence, KS

Atomize Digital is my way to more efficiently help businesses best represent themselves online, with a customized, hands-on approach to SEO, Analytics, and all Digital Marketing. Whether you’re just getting started with SEO, or considering a dedicated SEO for your team – I can identify steps, guidelines, priorities, or even goals for your digital marketing.

Since I started in 2012, I’ve encountered hundreds of businesses & business owners that are too busy being great at what they do to devote themselves to Digital Marketing. Without knowing it, these businesses are perfectly equipped to succeed online because they know their stuff & are dedicated to helping their clients.

Atomize Digital has no pre-made packages or plans – every business is different and brings unique needs & capabilities to the table. My first job is to understand your business and what existing materials can be leveraged. Better to use what you got & build on it!

Contact Atomize Today

Send me a message today and we can set up an introductory call to see if I’m a good fit – if not, no worries, I’ll make the call worthwhile with whatever tips, ideas, or even typos I come up with while we look at your site together.

After that, we’ll figure out together how I can best lend my expertise. I’m not a typical agency – I don’t have any fixed plans or packages, and can work flexibly (as my time allows) on a per-project or monthly basis.