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Google Optimization from Topeka to KC – and beyond

Do you need help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business in Lawrence, KS?

Maybe you’re confused by what you’re doing now for SEO, or you aren’t seeing the growth you need. I’ve helped 100s of businesses thrive online, but I specialize in helping businesses better understand their SEO & data to set online priorities themselves.

Google algorithms & SEO processes change all the time, but they apply to any website. I have mainly worked on WordPress websites, but also have experience with Squarespace, Wix, custom html, etc.

If you’re ready to get a handle on SEO for your Lawrence (or US/Canada) business – contact me today. Atomize Digital doesn’t have monthly plans or packages with contracts – anything I do is custom-crafted to your needs and capabilities. Every relationship begins with a complimentary consultation to see if we’re a good fit (I’ll also leave you with few actionable tips).

You don’t just need rankings – you need traffic – the right traffic – and it needs to convert.
(and you need to track it the whole way!)

Let’s Get to Work!

Atomize Digital SEO Services

Kansas-based SEO Consulting

On-Page Optimization

put your best foot forward

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the minor & major changes that can be made to your site, as it is now. A great one-time effort, but done properly on-page is routinely tested & optimized.

SEO Audit

get a snapshot of your SEO

SEO Audit

A great starting point to improving your SEO – this is a snapshot of how your business is doing online, both on-page & off-page. You’ll get actionable next steps from me.

Web Analytics

understand your data

Web Analytics

Understanding your online data is the key to growing your business. I’ll investigate any existing report or analytics to isolate what is critical and how you can change it.

Google My Business

the key to local SEO

Google My Business

Previously known as Google Maps & Local – this Google off-shoot is seeing huge growth. It’s already critical to winning local search traffic.

SEO Content Strategy

content is king & a major ranking factor

SEO Content

Web content is critical to ranking how you want. Google consistently wants better content and it’s time to review your existing content – and plan for the future.

SEO & Digital Reporting

use data to identify opportunities

Digital Reporting

Your reports don’t have to be confusing. Good reports show you where you are & where you’re going. I can interpret your data regularly – or help you understand it yourself.

SEO Training

learn the fundamentals

SEO Training

I’ve trained business owners & future SEO/Marketing pros, in just what they needed for their unique situation. A skilled internal team can do alot for their own SEO.

Keyword Research

know how your customers search

Keyword Research

If your content isn’t targeting the right keywords, it may not matter how good your content is. I’l identify opportunities for not just new content, but also the content you already have.

SEO Consulting

internal SEO for-hire

SEO Consulting

If you’ve got a question about SEO or Digital Marketing – we should chat. I’ve helped many different businesses, sites, and people – and can help you plan & reach your goals online.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the term for anything that improves how (& if) search engines see your business online. This definitely includes your site (on-page SEO), but also other entities referring to your business (off-page SEO). To succeed, you must understand what search engines, like Google, are looking for…

So – what is Google looking for online? Quality. Google wins by providing the best results to its searchers/customers. Compared to their start in 1998, Google’s ability to sniff out tricks and better understand ‘good’ content has improved exponentially – making it easier for truly helpful results to beat out spam & scams. However, just like most of us – Google has specific ideas about what ‘good’ content is, and it uses complicated algorithms to check. Understanding how & what Google is looking for is the key to beating the ever-present competition.

‘White-hat’ vs ‘Black-hat’ SEO

Atomize Digital is dedicated to white-hat SEO, but I always keep an eye on the other side! Both types represent unique challenges, but, white-hat wins long-term and allows for easy collaboration within the business. It caters to businesses that are dedicated to serving their clients with integrity – the people I like to work with!

National vs Local SEO

Despite being in the same search engine – national & local SEO are very different. Google’s main goal mentioned above – quality – still holds true, but trying to rank in a specific area presents unique challenges to you & Google.

National SEO

  • competing against the entire nation (or world)
  • numbers are much, much bigger
  • local SEO can still be a consideration
  • up against some big players who’ve been doing SEO

short- & long-term growth strategies with separate keyword goals!

Local SEO

  • less competition, but fewer searchers too
  • specific ways to signal to Google that you are local
  • SEO is more available & popular with local businesses
  • National players may still be a factor

make everything as local as possible!

Do you need SEO in Lawrence, KS?

Whether you target national or local customers, no matter the size of your business – if you’re in Lawrence (or US/Canada) you can benefit from Search Engine Optimization. Atomize Digital can help you understand how SEO applies to your unique business & set your priorities for growth.

5 years ago, businesses succeeded outside major metro areas with little-to-no intentional SEO. Some businesses didn’t have websites yet, and if they did they were poorly built or optimized. If this was you, and you’re starting to see numbers slip – your competition is catching up and/or you haven’t continued to update your site for Google’s changes.

If you need help now – or just have SEO questions – contact me today. Every business relationship with Atomize Digital starts with a complimentary consultation to answer your initial questions. We can meet locally in Lawrence or the surrounding area (Topeka, Baldwin, Kansas City), or talk digitally. I’ll leave you with actionable steps to improve your SEO – whether or not we end up working together.

Contact Atomize Today for SEO in Lawrence

Wanna talk about your SEO in Lawrence or beyond? Receive a confusing report or scan that you want a second opinion on? Think you could be doing more online? Let’s chat.

My priority is to leave every business better than I found it (maybe from my Boy Scout Days).

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